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It's Your Health 

In this era of rapid change, the responsibility for our health and well-being falls more squarely on our shoulders.   Attunement with the intuitive wisdom of the body is where health begins.  There is a place for all the healing arts in a healthy lifestyle, and the fact that holistic health is burgeoning speaks to growing openness to alternatives. 

In the practice of Reiki, I joyfully offer the healing energy that comes through the heart and through the hands.  The ancients knew the power of essential oils as well.  From the essence of the Earth comes the answer to our many questions.  

We have only to listen…

In addition to my role as Traditional Reiki Master/Teacher, I am an Independent Wholesale Distributer for Young Living Essential Oils. I believe that the Earth holds the answers to many of our health, emotional and spiritual issues.  

Reiki healing
Lavender fields

The Mantra below honors the clearing of the elements of Earth.  Holistic practices endeavor to do the same thing for our bodies.  As we clear, we open the flow of Universal Energy.

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