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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Virtual World


It seems that the more we network, the further apart we seem to get…or is that just me?

If you’ve studied “energy, chakras, auras and the vibrational field of influence” you might join me in wondering if the communications network through social media truly projects the same energy as the old interpersonal interface. I can tell you that there is something very different about holding a book in your hands, reading the handwritten letter/card from a friend or assignment from a student versus e-books, e-mail and computer generated assignments. Just a different energy.

Weeding through the torrent of emails, texts, Facebook posts and other sources seems to be a bit sterile, if convenient and quick. There are no facial cues, no nuances and voice intonations, no organicity. Of course I say that as I write a post for my website…maybe a bit hypocritical. But maybe not if we can blend the old way with the new way.

I’m a strong proponent of showing up. What I mean is being fully present, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Those among us who are advanced and capable are said to be able to send energy over long distances, but most of us need a face, a voice, and physical presence to connect to.

What gives concern is the lost art of full presence, facial connection and energetic/vibrational blending that constitutes a real relationship. I’m wondering what is actually lost in the process of social networking…what passes as a “relationship.” I notice that I have to remind my students that I can see them. They probably have generalized me into a computer avatar, justifying their passivity and non-participation, until they are reminded that I’m not virtual.

The sound of someone’s voice, their warmth and the message of their eyes goes beyond words. I find that Reiki clients long for touch, gentle, warm and energetic. There is a deep loneliness in virtual world and that may be why quantity of output is an attempt to replace quality of loving presence.

I hope that these few words carry my heart message, but I know my hands, my voice and my presence may do a better job.

With much love, Rosanne

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