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  • Rosanne Bostonian

What works for YOU!

As I’ve become more interested in health and wellness, I realize there are generalizations made on websites about nutrition, exercise and various supplements designed to promote youthful vigor and healthful outcomes.

The “trial and error” approach is tricky and expensive. It can also do harm. We humans are unique individuals who each have DNA dictated needs. Knowing your own earth suit, the one you’ve been wearing since conception, requires sensitivity and the right kind of “self-consciousness.”

The usual use of the term (self-consciousness) is taken to mean insecure preoccupations with whether we’re ok. The “self” that is the concern to most of us is how we appear and whether we’re lovable and acceptable.

The right kind of self-consciousness is of a deeper self who waits to be heard and honored.

I was watching the show “Autopsy” which depicts the causes of death of many famous people. Those folks aren’t any different from the rest of us, except their public personas are more distracting than the average, not-so-famous person. Serving their public personas made them ignore incredibly destructive behaviors and red flags. Their attention was “out there,” rather than “in here.”

The “in-here” place isn’t always comfortable as it gives us messages to pay attention. Health matters are no exception. We wouldn’t walk into a clothing store and buy the first pair of slacks we see. We’d try them on or at least check the size. But you’d have to know your size and be “self-conscious,” or conscious of self, as to what you need and what would fit.

No surprise that we flop around trying all sorts of crazy diets and pills, getting taken advantage of by a variety of charlatans.

More information is better. I’ve gotten great insights from Dr Elizabeth Boyle here in Montclair. As an integrative doctor she does extensive testing, much more detailed than the average physical and can teach us about ourselves. Integrative doctors borrow from all sorts of genres to find the palate of colors that best maximizes the mind and body connection.

Throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall hoping something sticks isn’t kind nor compassionate to ourselves. It’s amazing how the body fights to rebalance after some of our crazy antics! Let’s give it half and chance…

Happy and Healthy New Year!

With love,


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