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  • Rosanne Bostonian



Leave it to Western medicine! We are finding the causes of diseases and aging.

Apparently our chromosomes are like shoelaces. Each one has sort of a cap (a telomere) on the ends that keep the chromosome from unraveling or mistakenly connecting to its neighbors. The more intact your telomeres are, the greater your chance of remaining healthy and vital. This is because and intact chromosome is more able to accurately restore cells that wear out in the process of living and aging.

Nobel Laureate, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn’s research in the field of aging is mind-blowing. She’s written a book, The Telomere Effect, with her psychologist colleague, Dr. Elissa Epel. The book isolates the effects of stress, nutrition and toxins on those sweet little telomeres and offers strategies on how to preserve them.

What we find is that many of the practices in the East that have centered on restoring peace in our consciousness, also have properties that preserve the telomeres.

Use your Facebook, texting and random time to check this out… I believe it’s the beginning of an area of research that will revolutionize our health and wellness practices.

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