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  • Rosanne Bostonian

The Soul of Vibrational Sweetness

baby with dog

Those of us who treasure animal companions know this; they embody the soul of vibrational sweetness. This is true if living with humans hasn’t made them crazy!

Since our pets are pure at the outset, the complexities and neurotic confusion of human lives invades their brains like a tsunami. If we watch them, treasure their energy and allow them to be our teachers, they open up like flowers in the rain.

The horrific videos depicting animal cruelty make me dive for the remote. Prisoners of human unconsciousness and worse, they abide confused and forlorn, mirrors of our own desolation.

Starving babies are another remote diver for me. Innocence with nowhere to go is a projection of anything about ourselves we’ve buried to protect. There it is, exposed as a ragged animal or an abject little human.

From years in the therapist’s chair, I’ve honed a sense of understanding that there is no you, and no me. There is Life living itself as you, me and everything else. There is only Life, its energy bursting forth in every form. It’s the stuff religions are made of as they try to understand the source of all things.

Animals and babies remind us of what we can’t tolerate in ourselves, our vulnerability. Maybe accepting that, opening the heart to that, will free the intention to do no harm.

With love,


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