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  • Rosanne Bostonian

The Legacy Tour

love illuminates the dark places

People always talk about their Bucket Lists. My bucket is already pretty full, so I’m figuring my next chapters will be more like a Legacy Tour.

Fulfillment feels more like sharing than seeking. For me, this means teaching, doing energy work and volunteering. I’m also trying to be a good friend. We all have to join with forgiveness and compassion to bring something better into the world.

Do you wonder what your legacy will be? What currents you’ve set in motion that will reverberate beyond your lifetime? I think if we leave our space a bit better than we found it, we’ve done our job. If each human soul were a vehicle to express Love, the light from that would illuminate the dark places in the world. And there are some mighty dark places these days.

So it’s all about loving in every way possible, through our work and through our relationships. If you’ve taken the time to read this, you’re probably doing that already.

With love, Rosanne Bostonian

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