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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Random Encounters

Getting caught in snow and rain

Ever since the “Ear Bud Incident,” I’ve been more conscious of other people, their expressions and moments that can be shared randomly. My momma didn’t raise a child that was incapable of learning from experience!

Today the weather was ridiculous, first snow then rain. Shoveling that stuff was a back breaker, followed by my workout at the gym. I was feeling really heroic leaving the gym, when a bus drove by and slammed me with a tsunami of street water. If the ground wasn’t wet, I’d have sat down and cried. But maybe I could have just had a good laugh!

From there it was to CVS to pick up a prescription. My sweaty and soggy self was on line when I noticed that we were standing next to the condom aisle. The woman ahead of me was starting to huff and puff because the service was slow, so I said, “Well, at least we can shop for condoms while we’re waiting.” She cracked up and we both had a good laugh.

This was followed by the spring-loaded umbrella of the man behind me opening up on my derriere. I turned around (yes, we were still in the condom aisle) and he was apologizing profusely when I said, “That thing is a lethal weapon!” More laughter.

When I left the store, I passed a woman who was sloshing along looking miserable, and I said “Isn’t this delightful?” To which she responded, laughing, “I’m enjoying every minute of it!”

The point is that we’re human and we share so much, yet we isolate ourselves based on distraction and unfamiliarity. I’ll probably never see those people again, but maybe there is a little legacy, a footprint, left of one light hearted moment in time. And maybe that’s enough.

With love, Rosanne Bostonian

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