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7 essential oil tips for weight management

Young Living Essential Oils for weight management

Managing your weight can be a challenge; we know there are long-term health benefits to eating well and moving our bodies—no matter what the scale may say—but it can be discouraging if you’re working hard and not seeing results. Infuse your weight-management plan with these essential oil tips to boost your efforts.

1. Use Grapefruit Vitality™ essential oil

If you’re looking for the right essential oil for weight management, Grapefruit Vitality should be at the top of your list. Grapefruit Vitality essential oil supports weight management when used in conjunction with healthy eating and regular exercise, has cleansing properties, and can support your lymphatic system!* Try a drop or two in your water each morning or put 2 drops in a veggie capsule to get Grapefruit Vitality’s support.

2. Catch some ZZZs Did you know that a lack of proper sleep can lead to weight gain? Make sure you’re getting the rest you need by creating a snooze-worthy environment for shut-eye. Diffuse 3 drops of Lavender essential oil and 2 drops of Cedarwood essential oil before tucking in for the night, and check out our post for more helpful tips on getting a better night’s sleep.

3. Add some Slique® Young Living’s Slique system is formulated to promote healthy weight management.* Slique® CitraSlim™ includes a proprietary essential oil blend for weight management, which some studies suggest may help support the body in burning excess fat when used in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise. The proprietary blend may also support the release of free fatty acids, which may help break down fat.* ** Young Living’s Slique product line also includes Slique Essence, Slique Shake, Slique Tea, Slique Bars, and Slique Gum—a whole Slique System to support you in your weight-management goals!

4. Stay hydrated Another way to use Young Living essential oils for weight management is by boosting your water intake. A drop of your favorite Vitality essential oil can motivate you to drink more water throughout the day. Find your favorite, like Lemon, Lime, Peppermint, or Citrus Fresh™ Vitality essential oils, or create a combination that inspires you to take more sips of H2O all day long.

5. Beat your cravings

When it’s difficult to resist something sweet or salty, opt for a healthful alternative to candy bars and potato chips. Try these essential oil-infused chocolate energy balls or apple chips, or seek out recipes to swap healthy ingredients into not-so-healthy recipes.

6. Get up and move One of the best tips for weight management is to keep moving. You don’t need to be a gym rat, but it’s critical to change up a sedentary lifestyle. Opt for stairs instead of the elevator, park on the far end of the parking lot, and take time to stretch throughout the day. If you’re having trouble with motivation, try diffusing Citrus Fresh or Peppermint essential oil to help add a little pep to your step. Using essential oils to help your weight management can often be about finding ones with energizing aromas!

7. Start your day right

Kick-start your metabolism with a healthy breakfast! If you’re looking for a weight-management success story—essential oils or no—you’ll find they all have one thing in common: committed, healthy choices. Beginning your morning with a conscious, healthy decision sets the stage for continued positive choices all day long. Try starting with an overnight chia bowl!

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