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  • Rosanne Bostonian

A Terrible Master

Woman with her eyes closed enjoying the sunshine on her face

Have you noticed that you “feel before you think?” The body is wise and intuitive…the mind can be easily fooled.

The longer I practice Reiki, (light touch energy healing) I realize that it is a validation of what I’ve known all along. As they say in the East, the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master. My particular mind is capable of all sorts of mischief along with occasional wisdom. Notice the characteristic thought loops that feel familiar to you. They are seldom encouraging and usually sort of depressing. On the other hand, the body has a certain intuitive honesty. Like a loyal friend, it takes on the overflow from the mind and becomes symptomatic to remind us that we aren’t listening.

The truth is that the mind is a relatively new evolutionary twist. The body, on the other hand, is far more enduring and attuned to the Earth’s energetic wisdom if we don’t get in its way. The alternative healing arts such as Reiki and all varieties of energy work, merely remove obstacles to the flow of energy and allow the body to function as it knows how to do. It doesn’t function when we feed it poorly, subject it to negative thinking, don’t exercise, or fail to align with the flow of energy that embraces the entire Earth and all of us in it.

We have an obesity epidemic in this country. No surprise considering many of us are eating food that resembles nothing natural. If it’s in a box or a can it probably hasn’t seen the Sun (our material source of energy) for many months. The profit motive has sentenced us to GMOs (artificially engineered foods) that confuse and assault the body. The incentives of pharmaceutical companies and corporate farms are financial, so unless we are clear-minded we can inadvertently dose ourselves with an array of toxins masquerading as food. I used to wonder why, in poverty stricken areas of our country, that obesity was particularly apparent. Cheap food is fattening, toxic food. There is the answer.

The new focus of “mindfulness” asks us to choose consciously, with an alert mind that is attuned to natural rhythms. When we go to Nature, that portion of us that dozes in civilization is awakened. In holistic practices offered by conscious practitioners, we are blessed with the channeled energy of Infinite Potential and Universal Wisdom. This is the source of wellness and abundance.

So the alternative is to be mindful, to treat the Earth and the body as sacred vessels of life-giving energy. The fact that molecules have assembled to form a conscious being that can behold itself isn’t ordinary…it’s a miracle. If we stay with that thought…”My life isn’t ordinary, it’s a miracle,” it will be easier to make conscious choices. As we each awaken, the world will change. That’s how we “bring Heaven to Earth.”


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