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  • Rosanne Bostonian



The cauliflower lobby must be on steroids because this vegetable is showing up everywhere! It is in pizza crust, cereal and is hiding in guilt and shame.

I bought an individual serving of hot breakfast cereal. I saw “cauliflower” on the labeling, but dove in nonetheless. The cauliflower wasn’t holding hands nicely with the oats and blueberries. It was almost as unwilling a participant as I was.

Oprah was doing an advertisement for her “O” nutritional line. There it was again…cauliflower, masquerading as pizza crust. Is this the only way the cauliflower lobby can win the day?

Cauliflower is a nice vegetable. It should sit happily next to a turkey dinner. Raw, it can be the vehicle of dip in a vegetable platter. It need not be shamed into pretending it is anything else.

Be yourself, cauliflower!! (A lesson for all of us.)

With love,



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