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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Our Country on Memorial Day 2022

American flags against a cloudy sky

Our democracy is being tested as we commemorate the sacrifices made by those who have sustained it. We see the Ukraine standing tall in the face of violent invasion, attempting to live the legacy we have championed over many years. That small, valiant country is violated shamelessly as we support it with words and money.

On the home front, it is a profound embarrassment to see how personal gain in our America is violating the principles for which others have died and are dying. We stand at gravesides across this vast and once proud nation speaking of gratitude, yet not demonstrating it with selfless action. The quest for “power” has divided us into hostile tribes that distort truth and create internal violence.

The ability to rise above personal gain is parallel to the concept of “oneness.” This is the basis of thoughtful compromise that founded our nation. Like spoiled children, we assume that there is a right inherent to being Americans that is self-sustaining. It isn’t… We must rise above the temptation to violate ourselves with personal interests.

Making assumptions is a human failing. The same human failing has dissolved other great civilizations. These dissolutions are heralded by the loss of values and principles. The egos of humans, the assumptions that we can do and say whatever we please for short term gains incubates the rise of despots.

We are seeing it and living it. Where is the leader whose consciousness can rise above the toxic fray?

With hope,



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