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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Do You Need to Drink More Water?

Drinking water

If you’re like me, drinking water can be a challenge. There are so many more appealing beverages, but none of them do what plain old water does! Here are some prompts to help motivate us:

Obviously, if you have dry skin, eyes and your mouth feels like a small desert, these are no-brainers. If you aren’t properly watered, your body will hold on to moisture and won’t sweat out toxins. You may not even be able to cry!

If you’re congratulating yourself on not needing many bathroom breaks, don’t be so quick to celebrate. This could be a sign of dehydration. When you finally to go, if your urine is dark in color, this can be a sign that you need to dilute toxins and drink good ol’ H2O.

Cartilage is composed of 80% water, so think of the aches and pains that can be avoided when our cartilage is fully saturated. We will be far more “cushioned” and might avoid injury in the long run.

Water is an oxygenating element to the body. The more oxygen that gets to our cells, the more energy we will have. We could all use more energy, right?

Here’s a surprise. Sometimes the body experiences hunger when in fact the need is for water. Hunger and thirst are signaled from a specific part of the brain. This is why many diets emphasize drinking water.

So now I’m going to walk my talk, fill my glass with crystal clear spring water and toast you! Bottoms up… and Happy Thanksgiving!

With love,


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