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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Heart Songs

Heart Song vibrations

Over years of working with clients, there is a common denominator that seemed predict success. It was a person’s willingness to look beyond their material life in the 3D world. Could that person lean into the possibility that there is more beyond what our five senses can grasp? That said, we are not a species that moves easily beyond the visible to the invisible.

What I have come to embrace is that life lived in the 3D world without a connection to the Great Invisible, becomes unfulfilling and disappointing. Then, typically, we blame ourselves or others. “There must be something wrong with me or with you. I’ve followed all the rules, and I’m still not happy.”

The “rules” are choices that we honor generationally. They are a blueprint with no guarantees. What I have learned is that there is nothing in the 3D world that gives us fulfillment. It is ONLY what consciousness brings in from higher dimensions and manifests as the 3D world that brings us fulfillment.

(Reread that last sentence.)

It appears that someone is loving us, so that must mean that feeling is coming from them. In fact, love comes through us, not from us. If we are attuned, we can align with Universal Creativity and Love and express it. THAT’s what is fulfilling.

Most of us experience bits and pieces of this feeling. I call them “Heart Songs.” The heart vibrates with loving energy like music and expresses itself in ways that create a great feeling for us and those around us. To be in alignment being the instrument of expression is glorious! When two people do this together, that is a Sacred Union.

I am wishing you the attunement that frees you from the 3D world as a source of love. May you lean into dimensions beyond the 3D world the Universal Love that will be your Heart


Trying to Sing Perpetually!



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