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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Staying Awake

orchestra tuning up

Every day there is a tsunami of distractions presented to each of us. It seems counterintuitive to slow down and not be relentless in trying to keep up. Have you noticed that the more you do, the more there seems to be pulling at you?  The truth is that worldly demands must be managed with compassion.

I picture each of us as an instrument in a huge orchestra trying to make our specific music in the world. When we are “out of tune,” it feels like chasing something that is out of reach.  We push the limits rather than stopping to “attune.” How do we attune?  Many of us seek practices such as yoga, exercise, and others. To readjust, we must feel that we are off kilter to realize the need for attunement.  Most of us are too busy to notice how we feel to adjust.  After all, who has the time, right?

The mind/body will let us know what it needs.

We can ignore it, anesthetize it with short term remedies, but it will get louder in its requests until we can no longer ignore it.  The consequences of ignoring our need to realign with Spirit (our authentic selves) are too numerous to mention, and they cover every realm of our functioning. I sometimes think about my epitaph saying “Bless Rosanne. She ran her a— off and did many forgettable things. She also did her best to wake up and ‘smell the coffee.’”

What footprints will you leave behind you?  Hopefully “The world is a tiny bit better because I was here.”

With love, Rosanne


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