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  • Rosanne Bostonian

The Essence of Life

earth floating in space with the sun peaking out behind

Who are we? The journey of discovery is detoured by what we learn in this world, which alas is only a road to Truth, crumbs on a path to freedom. As we unmask all the illusions and distortions we can still be left with the eternal questions of the meaning of life.  Where does life come from and where does it go?

All religions have a mystical aspect that tries to help us find the essence of life, beyond the appearance of life’s duality. We rejoice and we suffer. We are born and die.  Embedded in rituals, religions can guide to a point. There is an essential truth that peeks through mind beliefs and eludes us.  If the true-life experience isn’t the world of my mind and my senses, what is it?

When I started my practice of energy work, I realized that the essence of who we are is crowded out by our material experiences. In fact, our essence is invisibly in operation universally. It is vibrating beyond all “things” and will be unreachable with mind activity.  Paradoxically, it is in stillness and non-activity that we may begin to experience that which cannot be known through the senses and the mind.

I’ve noticed over many years of practice how easily we learn patterns and become slaves to them. Imagine if our essence were free of the low ceiling of what we have learned is “me.” Imagine if we could transcend that and be “of Life,’ incorporate and unlimited.

With love,



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