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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Mother’s Day 2020

Mother Earth

No one would be here without a “mother.”

In the 3D world, everyone has an individual mother, complete with her strengths and vulnerabilities. We celebrate her, we blame her, we mourn her if she is no longer here with us.

The ultimate “Mother” is that which gives rise to Life, not just our particular life. The Earth, sweating and suffering as She is, manifests Life in familiar forms. She is called Mother Earth for a reason. She stages the sacred miracle of consciousness as form. She disciplines us when we become careless and cocky. Via the pandemic, she is currently demonstrating the need to be One Family and honor the gift of Life.

Rebellious offspring that we are, we think we know what we cannot know. Mischief becomes destruction without honoring our Mother.

On this Mother’s Day, may we join in rising above individual interests and real-eyes (thank you Michael Brown) that we are one family with one Mother who must be honored and cherished. She will care for us as we care for Her.

With love,


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