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  • Rosanne Bostonian


woman sitting at a table opening mail

Have you noticed that the folds of your coupons at the bottom of an invoice never line up with the perforations?  In the face of world discord, this is a small thing, but small irritations are cumulative!

With all good intentions, we deal with paying our bills.  We want to tear off the coupon at the site of promised perforations, but NO!  Instead, we wobble back on forth between the fold and the perforation.  Of course, so many people deal with their bills online.  As a “boomer,” who has been scammed online, I quake at the thought of some anonymous entity in a dark place making withdrawals from my account.  The ritual of placing a stamp on an envelope formalizes a process in my conditioned brain. And I want the perforations to correspond with the folds, dammit!!

When perforations don’t correspond with the folds, it is a promise unkept.  There are more of those as time goes by.  Another version of unkept promises is political mayhem causing all of us to hold our noses and pull voting levers out of default. Next to the impact of ego-driven political posturing, the perforation dilemma is a mere inconvenience, but it is all part of large and small disappointments of unmet expectations.  Am I resistant to change? Maybe… I do appreciate growth and change.  It’s the default to unconsciousness that irritates.

And now we prepare to deal with Artificial Intelligence.  Dear Lord.

I hope for alignment of all things, not only perforations and folds.

With love, Rosanne


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