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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Perfs and Folds

Folded letter for Rosanne Bostonian

Another Question!

My followers know that I am an observer of “why” on a daily basis! My latest “why” may seem small, but it is a subtle aggravation that needs to be shared at a time when we need to feel more connected.

My “why” regards perforations and folds. Why aren’t the perforations on bills lined up with the folds?? I confess to having a touch of OCD that has generally served me well in the detail department. I’d love to hear of you have thought of the same thing.

You unfold your invoice that has a coupon at the bottom. There is a dotted line with perforations with an implied invitation to tear. Invariably the line that defines the coupon is ¼ inch away from the fold that allows the 8 ½ x 11 to fit into a business envelope.

You try to tear the coupon off. A jagged edge occurs as a result of the tear wobbling between the perforation and the fold. You think, “Why didn’t they just make the perforation ON the fold.”

Now you attempt to right the wrong by picking at the excess paper to make a smooth line. Or (if you’re an OCDer) you take a scissor to it.

All this occupies just a moment in time, yet it reflects a tendency of someone, maybe all of us, to just miss the mark, and not taking that extra second to be “aligned!”

Is this a diagnosable anomaly on my part? (I’m laughing at myself as I write this.) Or might it be symptomatic of not quite being there?

I will let you be the judge!

With love, Rosanne


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