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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Problem Solving

talking heads in opposite directions

If we could unscrew the top of everyone’s head and have their thoughts spill out, it could be pretty shocking. It would probably be a combo of negative self-talk, with the thought that if I pick and criticize that will make me better. It will also be looking for harm to avoid, so creating a negative field that becomes our experience.

The positivity movement in psychology has shown that we follow our thoughts, either upward into light or down the rabbit hole. If we choose the latter, we are diagnosed with a mental disorder of some sort, and that seems to formalize that “there’s something wrong with me.”

The thinking mind is a problem solver. If we identify “me” with that portion of our toolbox, we will be in constant search for what’s wrong that can be fixed. Rest assured that your problem solver is at your command when needed. When it overworks, it creates a narrow spectrum of misery and life becomes a search for solutions.

Life will present itself in the full range of possibilities. If we receive those possibilities and martial what’s needed to navigate, we’re not overly reliant on the search for problems.

The work is within our ability to still the mind’s chatter and settle into acceptance. This isn’t defeat, nor a passive state. It is a welcoming of experience that can be reframed into growth and awareness.

If this reads like “bwah-bwah-bwah,” please slow down, breathe and look at your experience objectively. You may be surprised!

With love, Rosanne


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