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  • Rosanne Bostonian


Young woman sitting peacefully with eyes closed

There is a lot of mischief in thinking. The mind spins to solve problems so it must have problems to solve. This means that events must be interpreted as problems or potential problems. Is there any wonder that the lines at CVS are out the door? Everything is a problem, so we’re heightened and ready for the worst (which rarely happens).

Of course, our negativity can become a creative force and overlook pathways to contentment and fulfillment. It can create the outcomes that we dread, if only in the fantasy of projection into the future. A mindful existence means viewing our thinking from a position of objective neutrality. This seems to be very difficult for our species to master.

The practice of mindfulness requires stilling the mind. Maybe a more accurate term would be “mindlessness?” Creating space where there are thoughts is a practice that our Western ways don’t embrace. Maybe we can set aside our competitive, judgmental programs for a little space as taught by our Asian cousins? Maybe a little quiet space between our ears would shorten the lines at the drug stores?

I don’t want to think too much about that!

With love,



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