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  • Rosanne Bostonian


Enemy / Friend sign

Since there were primitive human beings walking the face of the Earth, there have been groupings of similar types into tribes and clans. The evolution of humans into bipeds (walking on two legs) freed our hands but required grouping and smarts to compete for survival against faster and stronger foe, like tigers and lions and bears (oh my).

In 2021 there are individuals that feel threatened by change. These individuals have banded together in tribal groups defining their own truths and values. The more threatened we feel, the more likely it is that we will band together and identify an “enemy.”

If our scope is small, that enemy will be another group of people. If we have larger vision, we will identify more existential enemies, such as global warming or pandemics. The more primitive mentality is to lash out in a tribal win-lose format.

While some of us choose that limited option, other larger threats can be unifying us into one large human tribe. Productive days of lashing out among ourselves are over. Competition among ourselves in a win-lose format is a version of who dominates the hunting ground. This approach has seen its day.

Our survival as a species will hinge on how we see the world. The vision needs to be inclusive, not petty and exclusive. Circumstances are asking for evolved vision of cooperation and compassion.

This needs to happen one person at a time.

With love,



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