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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Upward Mobility

Ulysses S. Grant
Ulysses S. Grant

For many of us these times of quarantine have been a tough row to hoe. The absence of our usual distractions and spending times with ourselves have taken us to unfamiliar territory. It probably took a pandemic to stop us in our tracks and to reevaluate our lives.

This period in history will be a turning point. We will either use it correctly or we won’t. We will either succumb to fear and chaotic defense of being right and make others wrong, or we will reflect on the unbelievable opportunities that are presenting themselves if we think as one country and one world.

Our egos, when they are in charge, create a mess. When we use our thinking minds in higher ways, they are amazing.

I am writing this blog on July 4th. Last night I watched the story of Ulysses S. Grant, the northern general who spearheaded the defeat of the South during the Civil War. As the statues of southern generals topple, the echo of divisiveness hopefully crashes down with them. In those days (and sometimes today) violence was needed for change. Will there ever be a time when human beings can be the architects of change motived only by good will?

Let’s not continue the win-lose mentality to move us forward. Let’s embrace the win-win mentality and move upward.

With love, Rosanne


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