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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Your Face…

faces of smiling children

The saying goes that “in the first half of life, your face belongs to God…and in the second half of life your face belongs to you.”  

The angelic faces of little ones are blank documents expecting life to be a joyous adventure.  The look of curiosity and enthusiasm is unmistakable.  Then we have the faces of the elders that have either retained the softness and sweetness of youth (despite the effects of gravity), or they are etched with bitterness.  The difference is not that some have had easy lives and others have had lives of pain.  It is more how everyone interprets life events.

There is no life lived without disappointment and pain.  Yes, there are varying degrees of both, but it is the awareness that comes from the ups and downs in the life adventure that allows us to grow.  If painful events are interpreted as victimhood, we become bitter and it shows in the sour, disengaged expressions on our faces.

It’s fascinating to know that your facial expressions trigger experiences within the brain. Our elastic faces are linked to nerves that feed the brain information about the world and about yourself.  If you are smiling, the message is “life is pretty good and I’m ok.” If your expression is dour and miserable, the message is “uh, oh… life is conspiring against me. I’d better get ready to defend myself.”  The network of body chemistry that is triggered by various expressions creates amazingly diverse states within your body.  The cycle of body chemistry and how it creates positive or negative thought can entrap you.

Practice smiling!  Your brain will appreciate it and so will your beautiful face!


With much love,


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