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  • Rosanne Bostonian

President’s Day

When I was in elementary school, I remember cutting out silhouettes of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on their respective birthdays. I guess the amount of construction paper needed to create tributes to all the presidents would have bankrupted the school districts, so we’ve boiled the celebration down to one day.

It’s no secret that I’ve been appalled by some of the antics around electioneering. Buying influence has angered the American people, so Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump seem to be anti-establishment voices that have gathered momentum for two different reasons.

Mr. Sanders has money contributed by individual supporters, no Political Action Committee. One of the planks in his platform is election financing reform. Mr. Trump has more money than God and the Angels, so he doesn’t have the need for a Political Action Committee. He is a PAC!

We want to admire our leaders. It’s ever harder to do so since everyone in the public eye has a flashlight exploring each orifice of their body and being. I’m sure some wonderful people have recused themselves based on not wanting a public colonoscopy at the hands of the press.

When you look at pictures of Mr. Obama at the beginning of his first term, he had dark hair and no wrinkles. Now, he has gone down the road of high stress and looks like all the other people who have taken on the burden of leadership. These individuals deserve more than a “day.”

So, as much as I’ve been disappointed with the behavior of some of the candidates, I have to take a deep bow of tribute in honor of their willingness to serve and carry the stress of office. On President’s Day, may we take a minute to acknowledge the sacrifice people have made in office. And may each candidate aspiring to that lofty service be aware that what they will be asked to give may be far more than they may anticipate.

God bless the Presidents.

With love, Rosanne

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