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  • Rosanne Bostonian


Unhappy woman looking out of the window

I grew up in a family that endured the #ArmenianGenocide. It was another in a recurring story of brutality that repeats itself too often. Long after the acts of violence are over, the trauma resonates.

It takes a brand of forgiveness that is way beyond the usual to free oneself, and so free the world, of destructive cycles.

What we have experienced can’t be changed. It’s only by reinterpreting events, surrendering and viewing them from a higher platform that we are freed.

The notion of creating a different reality from our highest selves means that we have evolved beyond both tribal identities that limit us and #traumas that scar us.

The time can end when human life is merely a struggle for the crumbs of #materialism. One by one, we can surrender to a Universal Identity and have access to abundance and know no lack.

May we look at the new calendar 2020 as the chance of many lifetimes.

With love,



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