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  • Rosanne Bostonian



Nature whispers wisdoms we often miss in our mad rush to get to the “next thing.” Take tsunamis for example…

Tsunamis are huge waves that come from geological activity on the ocean floor. The activity first draws water from the shore, creating a low tide to end all low tides.

Indigenous people and animals see this as the precursor of the giant wave to come. Respectfully, they move the High Ground. Those who are unconscious see it as an opportunity to wander out into the ocean, amazed at how far they can go. These are those who don’t honor the wisdom and the rhythms of Nature.

This isn’t because we are dumb…just because we aren’t aware. Most of our trouble in life comes from not being aware of the consequences of our actions and simply being stimulus-bound, and stuck in a moment of immediate pleasure.

Then comes the inevitable roar and burial at sea, when the high tide to end all high tides takes back the shoreline.

There are eternal rules that we humans tend to ignore in our quest to dominate Nature. Global warming is one of these examples.

With humility and respect for the rhythms of Creation, we must find the High Ground of consciousness to preserve the miracle of Life.

With love,


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