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  • Rosanne Bostonian



As we take the old calendars down and put the 2019 planners away, the idea that it’s “20/20” has me hoping that it’s more than a number and reflects the need for sharper vision.

What is it we’re supposed to see? The exposure of narcissistic greed? The false notion that we are separate from Universal Intelligence?

When things go too far in one direction, they tend to correct themselves. The Yale v. Harvard football game was interrupted by a student protest regarding global warming. Make no mistake, there is a tide getting ready to turn.

Societies operate on a homeostatic principle just like our bodies do, and just like the Earth does. Historically the corrections have taken generations to make, but since we’re in an accelerated system, we may be surprised as to how dramatically the changes will take place now.

The notion of holding on to power… well, the forces of correction may sweep folks away as the large system corrects itself. May providence make it so.

With love,


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