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  • Rosanne Bostonian


There is nothing more amazing to me than manifesting life. Other creatures are fortunate because their offspring are independent in the blink of an eye. Not us. Our big brains require years of programming. Our bodies pass through myriads of stages until we are finally able to step out into the world. The guardian angel over all of this is “Mother.”

If you are fortunate enough to have your human mother on Earth, you may be thinking about frustration, imperfection and struggles you’ve had together. You may be involved in a ceremonial relationship rather than an authentic one. Whatever your relationship is or was, she is the gateway through which your physical presence entered this dimension.

For lack of an effective birth mother, there are myriads of mothers who embody the energy of nurturing and angelic presence. When we’re open to mothering, it will appear in friends, in Nature, in teachers and healers. Mothering is part of universal energy that some of us do literally and all of us can do with our open hearts.

Joyful Mother’s Day to the hearts that give unconditional love. Resounding Mother’s Day to those who give unselfishly. Grateful Mother’s Day to all of you who have sacrificed endlessly to nurture beyond reason.

With love,


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