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  • Rosanne Bostonian

The Color Green

the greens of spring

As Spring folds into Summer, it occurs me that green was a great choice for plants and trees. Not that Nature ever makes a bad choice and Fall is gorgeous with its flaming array of colors, but green feels like a promise fulfilled.

In the world of energy, the Heart Chakra’s color is green. It marks the transition from fear and survival-driven motives to open-hearted, loving motives. When the Earth cracks open in Spring and gives forth a celebration of greenness, our hearts open with it.

I’m looking out the window right now noticing how the trees create a mosaic pattern that allows each leaf maximum exposure to the Sun’s life-giving rays. If we don’t think that’s a type of intelligence, I think we’re missing the point. As a matter of fact, the human version of intelligence can leave a lot to be desired. We’re often too smart for our own good!

The best things I learned as an undergraduate Biology major were the intricacies of how many ways Life expresses itself. Every niche is expressing unstoppable Life force. The conditions that give rise to this great manifestation of love are specific. The chances that Life occurs elsewhere in the Universe are a statistical “yes,” but for now… this beautiful Earth is our uniquely living jewel.

Let’s have gratitude for our freedom to mirror Nature by expressing our hearts. Let’s allow our feet to touch the living Earth and embrace it with gratitude. Above all, let’s care for it with the knowledge that it is born of stardust and so are we.

With love,


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