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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Deliver us from…

I for one am over this horrific election. The last straw was the “Weiner Leak.” Anthony Weiner’s image having anything to do with the Presidential Election is the absolute rock bottom.

The hurling of hand grenades in this election has been magnified via the media and now the holiday season will be no exception. There will be a commercial deluge starting with Black Friday (named “Black” because it puts retailer’s bank accounts in the “black” while your credit card will be worn thin and red.)

We are just surfacing from our international embarrassment at the hands of Trump and Clinton, only now to deal with a commercialized grab-fest for dollars.

It’s all about egos: top dog, top dollar… top something. Here we are, poor humans with finite Earth-lives, grappling over imagined power. No one owns the truth, it just is. In humility, if we can hear through the din of “me-me-me,” maybe we’ll hear a loving whisper that recognizes that we don’t have to malign nor step on someone to be loved. After all, that’s all we want. “Accept me, stand by me, see through my faults to my perfect soul.”

Deliver us from anything else.

With love, Rosanne

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