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  • Rosanne Bostonian

The Good News about Health Care

Health care

Not only is the cost of health care astronomical, but finding professionals who haven’t compromised their bedside manner to the ticking clock and skyrocketing malpractice costs is becoming more and more challenging. The “good news” is that the idea of waiting until you’re sick to be concerned about health is an outdated approach. Circumstances have dictated that we take more and more responsibility for our own well-being. Financial responsibility is coinciding with what is essential to maintaining good health.

Think about it; does it make sense to let our body imbalances reach critical mass and express as debilitating symptoms, or does it make more sense to do a little research on how we can maintain balance and avoid the more serious results of neglect?

In an earlier blog, I mentioned that ignoring the need for ongoing body balance is like cutting the wire to the check engine light in your car. The body expresses itself subtly at first, but will become more adamant if we aren’t tuned in to its more subtle messages.

A good example is digestion. Heartburn, gas, constipation, diarrhea, a sense of uneasiness in the lower abdomen are all indications that something’s up. I learned recently that taking antacids, a common remedy for digestive distress, can backfire if your issue is inadequate stomach acid. I recently took the Heidelberg pH test and discovered that I don’t produce enough stomach acid. If I had downed Tums or some other chalky remedy, I’d be heading east to get to California!

If we are looking to the pharmaceutical industry, western medicine or complementary medicine for solutions without adequate information we may find generic solutions rather than ones tailored to our specific needs. We need skillful diagnosticians to use healthcare tools prudently. Throwing pills or natural remedies at an issue before we fully understand what’s going on is a bad idea.

We’ve lived in our particular bodies for all the years we’ve been alive. Knowing our own unique ins and outs and being attuned and conscious is so important. Telling our bodies to “shut up” with symptomatic suppression will cause the body to escalate its needs in the form of more severe dis-ease…and how can we expect a well-intentioned professional to instantly tune in when we aren’t listening to ourselves?

Here’s to conscious listening!

With love,


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