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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Nothing Replaces Awareness

In the internet age, everything online looks like the truth. Once something is online it doesn’t go away so anyone’s ideas can persist and eventually become accepted. Big money supports big marketing and that makes for distorted truths.

Time for all of us is short, so opportunities to research and find out the truth for ourselves are rare. (Although, we do surf around shopping and doing trifling tasks with whatever time we have. Priorities.)

In general, we rely on the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to vet out crazy claims and protect us. The problem is that money talks. Not to be cynical (who wouldn’t be after this election year), but don’t we think that big business and campaign dollars may have some influence on the way “the truth” is couched?

It comes down to being very careful and very aware. Know your own earth-suit’s owner’s manual. We can rationalize easy and comfortable solutions, but there is nothing comfortable about making hard choices regarding our health. Denial eventually comes around the corner and kicks us in the fanny in the form of illness.

Here is a dumbed down version of what is complicated:

  • The more natural the food or product, the better it is for us.

  • If we can’t pronounce the ingredients, we shouldn’t consume or use the product.

  • If you feel sick or dulled after eating something, don’t eat it again.

As Sherlock Holmes said, “Elementary, my dear Watson.” As simple as it is, we are a nation of people who know a lot, but do as we please.

Prevention through mindfulness. Often inconvenient, but absolutely vital.

Be well and prosper!


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