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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Being Loved. Being Love.


Being loved is what we live for, and we recruit all sorts of scenarios to accomplish the precious feeling. If we haven’t felt deserving, we both long for being loved and get in the way of it happening.

Rather than being loved, it works much better to “be love.” What I mean is that, we humans are scuffling around trying to access love from each other, when being an instrument of love’s expression is the way to go. Love doesn’t come from us, it comes through us.

If I AM love, I only look for ways to express it in the world. Those ways are constantly emerging, but we miss the opportunities because we’re looking for validation of worth from each other. Here is the bottom line: We are already valid because we are love’s expression!

Once we accept this, we express it every chance we get. We offer an open heart, compassion and gratitude. This is much more appealing than a sense of lack and “what can you do for ME” mentality. In fact, when others feel that we are giving rather than asking, channeling in Universal Love, they gravitate toward it. We become the conduit through which others can experience it.

This sort of love may or may not appear as personal love. Personal love appears as romantic relationships and family and looks like it’s about ME. In fact, it’s a particular canvass upon which Universal Love is expressed. It’s never about you or me as an individual, although it appears that it is.

Love is expressed moment to moment and subtly guides our decisions. When we are aligned with that beam, attuned to it, the music that plays through us is light hearted and joyful. We aren’t on a hunt for something in the world to complete us. We are already complete.

I had someone recently say “but I’m not Jesus or Ghandi!” To that I answered, why not?

With love, Rosanne.

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