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  • Rosanne Bostonian


Happy Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I remember my American History lessons about the Native Americans (referred to as Indians in those days) showing conciliation to the settlers in “the first Thanksgiving.” What happened after that wasn’t exactly a reciprocation of good will, as white settlers pressed on to the West and left mayhem in the wake of their Conestoga wagons.

Gratitude for blessings is a no-brainer, even though many of us take abundance and ease for granted. Few of us experience gratitude for the hardships in life. In fact, the previous sentence seems counterintuitive.

I can paraphrase the words of the great Brene Brown and say that nothing I’ve accomplished in life was the result of pleasure and ease. In fact, the most challenging episodes contributed most to the strengthening of my character. I will confess that as these events were unfolding, I wasn’t jumping for joy… nor would I have picked them off a menu and put them on my “to-do list.”

Yet Life comes to us with opportunities hidden in some pretty dire costumes. Once you’ve been through enough of these scenarios, you “disrobe” the monsters quickly and look for the opportunity hiding beneath the disguise.

I’m grateful that I know this because it keeps me from feeling like a victim. Now that you have read this, look deeper into the “misfortunes” in your life and see what may be revealed. Assume that Life is expressing Itself through circumstances and be still in Its presence.

Finally, be grateful that a collection of molecules gathered to be you, a conscious, reflective you, capable of the full range of experiences…all designed to grow awareness and gratitude.

Joyful Thanksgiving!

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