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  • Rosanne Bostonian

The Speed of Things

People rushing around on the street

It’s not your imagination that everything feels faster. In a mad rush to catch up, we aren’t so mindful and bad things can happen. Here is a list of some bad things:

  1. We don’t really listen to each other, so misunderstand and ruin trust.

  2. We forget to be kind because it isn’t time efficient.

  3. We blow past opportunities that are invisible at warp speed.

  4. We are always focused on the “next thing.”

The human brain is miraculous, but it can only focus on one thing at a time. It can switch back and forth between various things quickly, giving the impression that it’s multi-tasking. The truth is it’s checking out, then back in, and missing pieces along the way.

Slowing down is healthy. Slowing down is necessary. The process of mindfully slowing down is an attunement because the Natural Rhythms are only felt when invited in.

If we have a chance to slow down during the holidays, rather than find one more bargain, the people around us will notice and will appreciate it.

I was at the food store in the “Express Line.” There were lots of people in a hurry and the woman behind me was huffing because people ahead of us had more than the 12 allotted items. I had felt a little agitated over it too. I said “This is the Distress Line.” She and I laughed and couldn’t stop. It was a moment of observing ourselves in our human form and finding humor. No speed, no greed… just a little need.

I wish you a Holiday of Peace… Peace at your own pace.

With love,


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