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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Let Your Heart Break

Broken Heart

What a curious title, considering that we humans use so much energy trying to avoid heartbreak and its miseries. Why should accepting heartbreak be a goal?

When the heart breaks it’s a sign that we were open, we tried, we were fully present. When the heart breaks we rolled the dice and bet on Love. And when the heart breaks the Jury of Angels celebrates our faith, even though the desired outcome wasn’t reached.

There’s a saying, “The heart breaks to open wider.” I’ll try to explain:

We have a choice to bet on Love or live from fear. To choose love, especially after heartbreak, it celebrates the courage to remain open, regardless of our pain. To love again we’ve affirmed Love as our source of energy, and we’ve conquered fear.

How did I do?

If we think that we can avoid pain and still remain open enough to love, we’re sadly mistaken. Openness includes ALL emotions. There’s no filter that only lets the happy moments in and keeps the sad ones out. All addiction is based on the distortion that we can pick and choose what we experience, only letting pleasantries in.

I’m interested in what you think about this. I’m listening!

With THAT love, Rosanne

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