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  • Rosanne Bostonian

The Swamp

The Swamp

As officials continue to run from the Trump administration with their hair on fire, I’m wondering if this is what the President envisioned when he said he would drain the swamp?

What was previously taking place behind closed doors in other administrations is now exposed for all to see. It’s exaggerated, making it impossible to ignore. Mr. Trump’s lack of sophistication, and his assumption that he can define truth from a bubble of narcissistic denial, has become transparent and pathetic.

We humans tend to be subjective about the truth. We don’t look at ourselves from the outside in. If something displeases us or makes us uncomfortable, our tendency is to justify ourselves first. We need to acknowledge that no one owns the truth. That goes for you and me, as well as our President.

What isn’t acknowledged can’t be changed. If the Jury of Angels was trying to give us all a lesson about humility, there could be no more compelling specter than what we are currently observing in Washington. Let’s not be so quick to judge, because we all have the “me first” tendency.

As 2019 gets rolling, we have the opportunity to acknowledge our own frailties, learn from what we observe and make the changes from within that will show as changes in the world.



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