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  • Rosanne Bostonian


Woman with two men

I slow down for some TV shows with the same curiosity as folks slow down to witness an accident. “Paternity Court” is one of the shows that gets my attention. Example: There are two people trying to decide whether her three-way sexual encounter with two men (neither of which was a significant relationship) tags man #1 or man #2 as the father of her (poor) child.

The fact that this woman is on TV admitting the scenario with no embarrassment triggers my “embarrassed for her gene.”

When the infamous Pill came about, what quickly followed was a free for all that has compromised morals. Once the tsunami of lust that followed blew away decorum, we decided that the Pill and any other birth control was inconvenient. This was quickly followed by abortion rights which chased away unwanted pregnancies with gruesome fixes. I’m feeling embarrassed about all of it.

I’m not one for supporting embarrassment over things we can’t change in our lives. We can learn from our unawareness and move on. For me, it’s the arrogance of entitlement to do whatever whenever that feels wrong.

When we’re embarrassed, we are acknowledging some standard that we didn’t meet. We can learn and move on, or we can justify behavior that unravels dignity of the individual and the fabric of the family.

I vote for a little embarrassment.

With love, Rosanne

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