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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Tax Season

1040 Individual Income Tax form

Woe unto us in New Jersey as our deductions seem to have evaporated! I’ve been procrastinating confronting the bottom line, but I’ll have to face the price of living in the Garden State and the US of A tomorrow. Sad but true, all the bits of paper will have to be organized to face the music.

It’s especially hard to see chunks of money disappear in the black holes of government of waste. “Our tax dollars at work,” or not. Please, elected officials, respect the hard-earned funds that are sucked into the coffers of municipalities, counties, states and federal treasuries. Spend those dollars with conscious awareness and take care of our beautiful Earth in the process.

In New Jersey we have legalized sports gambling ($) and will soon legalize marijuana ($). All income streams are in play. Where will it all go and how will it improve the quality of life?

I will be sorting through paperwork, doing breathing meditation, taking a walk and completing my day of tax prep with a yoga class.

May we all be free of suffering.

With love,


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