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  • Rosanne Bostonian

The Trifecta

man standing at the lake

I am about to be transparent to help us all through this dark time. Here is my story:

In November I had a kidney stone the size of an egg yoke. That involved two in hospital procedures to break up the stone within one week.

In December I totaled my vehicle complete with bruises and soreness, but walked away, praise be Jesus.

In January I contracted COVID-19. Lord have mercy. I am recovering.

There are two choices when we are dealt a troubling set of circumstances. Choice 1: “I am a victim.” This choice looks for confirmational bias. In other words, when things are not going our way, there must by someone or something to blame. This choice allows only momentary relief and leads to a sense of helplessness in the big picture.

Choice 2: “My faith asks me to find purpose in everything.” We are good at finding purpose in the good stuff, but not so good at finding purpose in the painful moments in life. The empowering moment is when we respond to the negatives with curiosity and open heartedness rather than fear and a sense of victimization.

Grace is the ability to lean into unpleasantness and look for every drop of insight, gratitude and compassion these moments can deliver.

In this time of unrest, we can choose to rest and observe, or we can add to the negative chorus by amplifying negativity.

Insight, gratitude and compassion…

With love,



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