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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Why Us, Why Here

As we string together our days, the comfort of familiarity can be shattered occasionally by realizations.  For me, the Discovery Channel and the incredible revelations of Creation are startling and sometimes creepy.  They are startling because of how amazing the Creation concept is and they are creepy because of their unfamiliarity.

“Why us, why here?”  Why the Earth in our unique position to breed Life and to manifest awareness of ourselves?  What formed matter and what is dark matter recently discovered. (Look it up…mind boggling.)

What amazes me is the unquenchable drive toward higher knowing. Will we outsmart ourselves with Artificial Intelligence? Anyone remember “2001 Space Odyssey” when the computer HAL goes rogue and turns on the astronaut?  Are we stumbling toward self-destruction in our desire to make our lives easier and easier? As I am writing this on my computer I flashed back to using a typewriter and correcting errors with those white strips. If you don’t know what I mean, good…you’re young!

Along with our progress we have to grow “consciousness.”

Our intentions are critical along with our knowledge.  If it is all about ourselves without a grand view of service in a state of humility and profound appreciation, our knowledge can turn on us like HAL the computer. Nuclear weapons are a great example in the hands of a voracious maniac.

The bizarre political landscape reminds us of the quest for power manifested in an egocentric (me first) framework. Even the truth can be redefined to serve a material mind. If we ignore those trends, rather than seeing them as attention-getters to readjust, we will tear at the heart of our American Experiment.

In service of all that is guided by Higher Wisdom, may we grow in all of our faculties and most of all in our compassion and gratitude for being us and being here.

With love,



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