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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Keeping the Portal Open


We either move beyond a sense of limitation in these times of change, or we are left behind.

There are moment described in spiritual literature when people accomplish transformation in an instant. These miraculous examples of upward mobility are referred to as “epiphanies” in Christian lore. They are sometimes described as a vision that immediately gifts enlightenment to an individual and bequeaths a halo or some indication that this person is now a “saint,” or has achieved a special level of consciousness. Since there is no halo around my particular head, and since I’ve noted the grinding it takes for most of us to achieve shifts in how we see the world and ourselves, I’ve wondered how a few of us find the seams in the veil that allow instantaneous shifts?

My belief is that there is Universal Abundance and if we’re not experiencing it in some form (not always to obvious forms), we are limited by our own active view of personal limitation. That would be fear, anger, grief (thank you Michael Brown), or some other “portal closing” condition. If you believe that there is abundance trying to stream in, there needs to be the capacity to receive it. I envision this as a portal coming in through the crown of our heads. Some of us are wide open to receiving, while others have only the capacity to receive abundance through a pinhole! We feel unworthy of love, of financial security, of enjoying life as it is. We continue to limit ourselves with ideal conditions necessary to experience abundance rather than opening the portal, the crown chakra, to what is streaming in and trying to exert transformative energy.

Poor humans we are… As I write this more trouble is occurring in the Middle East. As is our way, one group is trying to insist its world vision on others. It is trying to wrest “power” from existing models and aggressively and violently create transformation. The motives are contaminated with rage, so the outcomes will be flavored with that poison. We have that same hangover in our country having overwhelmed Native Americans and having used slavery to advance our culture. As they say in Asian culture, “a pot of tea with a drop of arsenic in it is a pot of arsenic.” Motivation is everything. The purity of intention and the methodology employed in change can either be contaminated with violence and self-interest, or it can be laced with compassion and open-heartedness. The epiphanies in the Bible are described as moments of grace and loving awareness.

When what we are thinking and doing isn’t bringing peace and fulfillment we can either blame others, become “the victim,” or we can realize that every event brings with it possibilities for transformation and growth. This is especially tough when an event causes us pain. The drive to diminish pain is a high motivation and if we have the style of blaming, escaping or some other form of defense, we constrict the portal of love that is trying to move our center to a more peaceful place.

I invite all of us to keep the portal open to possibilities and listen closely to the thinking mind that labels the need for change as a threat. The world is changing rapidly and resistance is like trying to stop a freight train by dragging our feet. It’s the feet that will take the hit and the freight train will keep moving.

With much love, Rosanne

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