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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Act Two

Empty theater seats before Act Two

When you have gone to the theater and an “act” is over, there is intermission. Everyone gets out of their seats, stretches and moseys to the rest rooms and refreshments, discussing what they have just seen and heard. These last three months have felt like a long intermission.

There have been debates, discussions, disagreements and conflicts as a result of what we have experienced in the last act. The fiber of our social landscape has been tested, hidden issues have been exposed and we are unsettled, trying to find traction. The bright light of conscience is discernible.

What seems so very clear is that rhetoric doesn’t replace principles and character. We can either embrace opportunities to become more attuned, or we can passively sink back into our seats and watch the next part of the show.

The lights are blinking signaling the start of act two. The hemorrhaging of harsh words, spent lives and ugliness is illuminated in the afterglow of Covid19. What is exposed will either be denied and buried, or it will elevate our powers of observation and discernment.

Let us pray that Higher Purpose rules our America.

With love, Rosanne


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