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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Explore Another Door

open door set in a field

After years of life in my own Earth Suit, and watching other people navigate… I’ve come to the conclusion that we’d rather believe we’re right than give up unproductive behavior. We try everything, every twist and turn to prove that we’re right, and we pay a high price for our stubbornness. We knock on locked doors until our knuckles bleed.

The methods we use to promote our “rightness” generally fall under the category of everyone else being wrong, life being unfair and feeling like a victim. The idea that we might be wrong is a bitter pill to swallow and our egos quake. If we take another approach, namely “Hmmm, what am I doing that isn’t working,” we have a chance to be free.

The toll to move to an open door is to let go of an idea and (poor ego “me”) the notion that we have to be right to be worthy and powerful. The fact is that we have to be humble and open to pave the road to a true sense of worth and power. Life is living Itself through us and we can try to beat It at Its own game (guaranteed we will lose), or allow Its expression through humility and consciousness.

How many times would you knock on someone’s door if they didn’t answer? Probably a couple of times and then you’d move on. How many doors are we knocking on that haven’t opened in years, maybe decades?

In therapeutic parlance the bloody knuckles scenario is referred to as resistance. If we resist change we block the dynamic flow of Life. We live in a delusional, static state.

Check out your symbolic knuckles…are they bruised and bloody? Are you trying the same thing over and over again believing it will be different “this time?” Do you feel like a victim? If so, maybe it’s time for humility and exploring another door.

It’s never too late to evaluate whether our typical gigs are getting old and tired. Embrace the future as a great wave of possibility and may our resiliency and openness lead us away from the locked doors to the many that await us, wide open.

With love,



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