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  • Rosanne Bostonian

For Love of Teaching

dynamic back to school background with a burst of colorful geometric shapes and symbols representing different academic subjects. Generative Ai

I remember being in the back of a classroom as a student teacher. I watched the master teacher while looking at the backs of my students. When it was my turn to step up to the podium, it was a shock. They were all looking at me. They were waiting and nothing would happen until I provided the kindling wood to start the fire. Those faces, that opportunity…

I have practiced psychology, a different kind of teaching, a complement to what I learned in a classroom. And now, and the end of my professional career, I teach again. The privilege of teaching (and it is a privilege) requires an alignment with something beyond the classroom, beyond me and my students. It is an opening of the infinite possibilities that are synthesized in the full presence of intermingling energy. That energy is movement, expression, music carrying information. It takes form in expected and unexpected ways and carries Life to a higher place of creativity.

What I have learned is that all that is good comes through us, not from us. The legacy of teaching is to open doors with compassion and enthusiasm. When it is done well, from the heart, it creates moments of transcendence and love. It becomes an experience shared.

And now we start again, with love,



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