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  • Rosanne Bostonian

For the Love of Life (Just as it Is)

woman contemplating life and inner strength

We humans have a conditional love of Life. We love Life when nice things are happening. We love Life when we are showered with our hearts’ desires. We seem to believe that we are entitled to Life as WE define it, without hurts, troubles, mistakes and other unpleasant “surprises.” When Life deals out its challenges, we believe something is terribly wrong. We feel like victims, and we become anxious and depressed. Since “this isn’t supposed to be happening,” we look for relief from the supposed injustice of our suffering.

What if Life is happening exactly the way it should? What if the ebbs and flows are part of the full experience of being an embodied soul? What if our fulfillment depends on learning from every nuance that Life presents?

In my last blog I stated that letting go isn’t giving up. Letting go of blame, resentment, victimhood, and the belief that something is terribly wrong if we are uncomfortable, allows us to learn from moments we would rather bury. Spiritual texts give us examples of those who continue to remain aware through their own suffering. Are these the few, or are we all capable of rising above individual hurts to bring Grace into the world?

The ways we escape facing pain are blaming situations, other people, and Life itself. Various addictions are based on the premise that we are entitled to feel good. What if right behind that pain we are feeling is a precious lesson? What if we could deepen our vision at those moments, abandon the notion that we are supposed to feel good (all the time) and develop a focal length that sees the lesson beyond the pain?

This way of thinking is counterintuitive but sit with it and breathe into the notion that Life is Itself happening. If we let go of the desire to control Life and observe It with curiosity, there may be peace within our grasp.

With love,



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