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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Four Paws on the Ground

In exchange of freeing our hands to do work, we walk on two legs. The posture of higher apes reflects the evolutionary trend of moving to an upright position. I get it, but I find myself envying my four-legged companions for their balance and ease. Balance and ease works well under all weather conditions, but especially in Winter when my “third leg” can easily be my rear end!

My cats, Chester, Obi Wan and Min Chu amaze me with their leaping ability. It’s especially startling when they do a “Flying Walenda” imitation and land on my unsuspecting body!

Speaking of cats, I love that their bodies and features resemble the larger wild species, lions and tigers (and bears, oh my). It made me wonder if elephants and giraffes could be bred down to miniature versions of themselves. I would enjoy a home sized elephant! A mini-giraffe would be sweet too.

For now, I will observe my quadrupeds with amazement and gratitude while they observe me in puzzlement and maybe a little appreciation.

With love, Rosanne


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