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  • Rosanne Bostonian

From You, or Through You?

holding the world in your hands

Have you noticed that Life can become exhausting?  If you have, maybe you are trying to handle problems from the place that created the problem? 

Einstein’s awesome contributions in the world of physics came from seeking solutions from a higher level of understanding than that which created the problem.  He believed that problems exist to invite us higher, to a place where the problem can’t exist.  Of course, other problems will emerge from the new level of understanding, and those will invite us yet higher!

No one likes problems, but this way of looking at them creates curiosity rather than victimhood.  We so want to take individual credit for those solutions that take us higher, but the truth is that understanding we aren’t the Source, rather than trying to be It, relieves us of imitating the Creator.  In every faith, a culture tries to describe “that which creates.”  Whatever we call it, the energy of Life comes from levels beyond our senses.  When we align with it, Life is lived as a manifestation of That which Creates.  Aligning with that force, and being an instrument of Its manifestation requires surrender and humility.  We submit to the alignment that allows us to “manifest” rather than to create.

In this new year, may we remove whatever is in the way of humility and service.  May we hold hands and rise together.

With love,


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