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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Hollywood Squares

Zoom meeting with Rosanne Bostonian

Is it me, or do Zoom meetings remind you of Hollywood Squares? I half expect to see Zsa Zsa Gabor and Morey Amsterdam pop up on the screen. Of course, there was Kaye Ballard, Charley Weaver and Wally Cox if you recall. Paul Lynde’s sarcasm would fit well in a Zoom meeting.

I am wondering why they call it “Zoom?” For me, the Zoom goes a little less that a full fledged zoooom. It seems to be a little slower than a zoooom. People are a little self-conscious and the background noise in their homes, despite their best attempts to sequester themselves, leaves their fingers hovering above the mute button.

As my readers know, I am a reluctant member of the digital world, preferring the organic interchange of social interaction. I secretly (not after this blog, I guess) think about how superficial a digital image is as compared to a living, breathing human being. I like touching paper, the same paper my student touched. I will admit that grading a student’s work online is easier. It is concise and automated. But it does not feel like a legitimate energetic interchange and feels sterile to me.

That said, blogging on my website allows me to reach you. Maybe you can feel connected because my heart is in my writing? Maybe that is the next level of communication: pure energy beyond physical form? Whatever the form, let us make sure our heart is expressed in our words, even if we are Zooming!

With love,



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