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  • Rosanne Bostonian

It isn’t over…

My grandmother and family fleeing the Armenian Genocide in 1914

I was raised by immigrants fleeing the Armenian Genocide in 1914. As we see what is happening in the Ukraine, I will tell you that it won’t be over when the bombing stops. The hangover of violence will be felt for generations to come. Without conscious forgiveness, there will be seething resentment that seeks retribution.

Whatever are the goals of despots, egomaniacs and narcissists, their vision is short. The effects of their self-serving violence will seep down the decades rewarding fear and anxiety as protection. As a species, this is unsustainable.

Unless we are in it together, all for one, one for all, the problems facing humanity cannot be solved. There are no national borders when the world is viewed from the heavens.

Lord have mercy.

With love,



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